Recycling: General Information

Newspaper and Mixed Paper may be recycled curbside. Please do not bag paper or newspaper in plastic bags.

Paper may be put in paper bages or boxes. Please bundle your newspaper and mixed paper.

Acceptable paper items for curbside recycling are: Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, paper bags, junk mail (glassine windows "OK"), computer/copier paper, stationary, lined paper, tablet paper (all colors), file folders, fax paper, carbon paper, school papers (all colors), paperboard.

The following paper items may not be recycled curbside: Hardcover books, egg cartons, waxed cartons, juice paks, paper towels, tissues, paper plates, paper cups, gift wrapping paper.

Make any bin or barrel a Recycling Bin! Free recycle stickers are available at the Town Offices. Put one on any bin or barrel. Now it's a recycle bin!

Recycling is a Family Affair

Freesharing is a growing movement that makes it easy to clean out the garage without filling up a dumpster. Just post your stuff on the Web, and the neighbors you didn't know you had will take it off your hands.

Generally, the only rules are that everything must be offered for free, and no illegal or adult-themed materials are allowed. If you're in the market for an item, you can browse the listings or tell the community what you're seeking. You never know what people have tucked in the attic. The most popular items tend to be appliances, furniture and clothing.

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