Energy Committee


  • Provide implementable recommendations to the Select Board and town residents to reduce the use of energy and increase the use of renewable energy;
  • Explore the potential to increase the use of renewable energy sources within the community and to develop local renewable energy sources promoting energy self sufficiency;
  • Consider strategies to improve Shirley’s energy supply security;
  • Potentially increase revenue streams for the town of Shirley using Green energy sources/technologies.
  • To become a Green Community as established pursuant to M.G.L. Ch. 25A §10). This goal was completed in December 2011.
  • Enhance the Town’s ability to experience significant economic benefits while reducing the impact on the environment.. 


  • Recommendations to the Town will focus on overall energy usage, replacement of current energy generating materials, with renewable energy generating materials thereby reducing town costs, increasing income potential and reducing environmental concerns.
  • Complying with the requirements of the Massachusetts Green Community Program and thereby accessing the relevant data bases to control energy consumption thereby reducing town operating costs.
  • Create a long term, multifaceted plan of energy reduction efforts to reduce costs.
  • Create a long term, multifaceted stream of revenue enhancement by using all applicable renewable energy sources and maintaining Shirley’s historical and small town atmosphere and simultaneously ensuring the protection of open space, wilderness, natural beauty and sensitive environmental areas.
  • Review and potentially institute a town utility entity with the goals of energy reduction costs to community residents and investigating energy offsets to entice new business into the communities identified/zoned business locations, thereby reducing the reliance of residential property taxation to fund Shirley Operations/Government.

Board Members

Name Title
Ann Towne Clerk (2015-2016)
Andy Deveau Member (2015-2016)
Frank Esielionis Member (2015-2016)
Lee Mirkovic Member (2015-2016)