NEEDED - Board of Registrar Member

The Town of Shirley has a vacancy for a Board of Registrar member working directly with the Shirley Town Clerk reviewing and signing off on election nomination sheets and various other election and voter related duties.  The board consists of 3 Board of Registrar members (at least one Democrat and at least one Republican) as well as the Town Clerk.  The board currently has one Democrat and one Republican, along with the Town Clerk, on it so a person of either party (or "Unenrolled") will be considered.  If you have questions on what a Board of Registrar member does, please contact Bill Oelfke, Town Clerk, at 978-425-2600 X1 or by e-mail at  All responses received on or prior to November 9, 2023 will be considered.  Please complete and submit document at to be considered.