Personnel Board

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Personnel Board shall have the following duties and responsibilities with respect to all employees of the Town who are not covered by a union contract:

  • To prepare and administer a Wage and Salary Classification Plan, subject to approval at Town Meeting;
  • To establish Personnel Administration Policies and Procedures to assist covered employees and Town officials, governing all other questions relating to wages, hours, and conditions of employment not covered by the Wage and Salary Classification Plan;
  • To issue, amend, or revoke administrative rules and regulations for the purpose of giving effect to the provisions of all By-laws and votes of the Town pertaining to personnel administration. Each such rule or regulation shall be numbered in sequence, and the Board shall maintain in the Selectmen's Office a file for all such rules and regulations issued, said file to be open to public inspection;
  • To publish and maintain a Manual of Personnel Policies & Procedures for the benefit of Town employees and officials;
  • To establish its own rules of procedure and to draw up such other rules and regulations consistent with statute, By-law, or vote of the Town as will enable the Board fully and effectively to perform its duties;
  • To perform such other duties as may become desirable or necessary from time to time, in order to assure just and effective personnel administration in the conduct of the Town's business, provided such other duties are permitted by law to be undertaken by a personnel board.

Board Members

Name Title
Holly Haase Chair (2020)
Paul Przybyla Clerk (2020)
William Oelfke Member (2020)