Planning Board


The Town of Shirley's Planning Board is an active municipal government entity whose overall goal is to foster the development of the community. The Planning Board is results oriented in assisting citizens and community leaders in directing future changes. The Planning Board facilitates the community's quality of life through housing, economic development, open space and recreation, transportation, and land use. The Planning Board encourages preservation of natural landscapes and important land resources by promoting excellence in site development and design.

NOTE: While reasonable efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of these copies of the Protective Zoning Bylaws, Subdivision Rules & Regulations and Zoning Maps, do not rely on this information without first checking an official copy. Official copies may be purchased through the Town Clerk's Office

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Board Members

Name Title
Sarah Widing Chair (2016-2021)
William Oelfke Vice-chair (2017-2022)
John Gailey Member (2018-2023)
Barbara Yocum Member (2018-2020)
Janet Tice Member (2017-2019)
Bonnie Lawrence Associate Member (2018-2020)