Voting - Elections and Town Meeting

Elections take place at the Town Offices, 7 Keady Way, generally from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Town Meetings take place in the auditorium of the 
Ayer Shirley Regional Middle School, 1 Hospital Rd.

Click HERE to check if you are a registered voter

Non-respondents to the 2017 Town Census: Voters who did not return a 2017 Annual Census (sent in January, with a follow-up in April) were inactivated in June in accordance with state election laws. At that time, individual letters with self-addressed, stamped return postcards were sent to each non-respondent, to provide voters an opportunity to reactivate their voter status. Please remember that inactive voters need to show ID before they can vote, as well as fill out an affirmation form stating that they have continually resided in Shirley since the date of inactivation. Click on the link above to check your status as a registered voter.

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  • Vote Tabulator Machine in use - see a video demonstrating how it works

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